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Gun Belts

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Gun Belts

Having a firearm by your side should never compromise your comfort or safety. Our line of everyday and concealed carry gun belts comes in styles and designs that are proven to perform in the field, day after day. They're based on ratchet technology that's engineered for dutiful functionality and durability. From casual carry to heavy-duty tactical use, there's a gun belt for every application at Nexbelt.

Precision Ratchet-Latch Belts for Guns

At Nexbelt, we offer a comprehensive selection of gun belts to meet your specific requirements. Choose from a range of materials including leather and ultra-stiff nylon bases. We also offer a range of colors, including black, coyote tan, OD green and camo gun belts.

Each belt offers the ultimate comfort on the move. Instead of traditional holes, these belts use a ratchet buckle system with quarter-inch adjustments for the perfect fit. They have a compact buckle and can be cut to size using the markings on the back for a tailored fit.

Performance Gun Belts

Our belts are not just limited to law enforcement, private security and tactical military use. We also carry rugged belts for tradesman and other lines of work. No matter what your profession or lifestyle, our gun belts are designed to provide durability, strength and reliability.

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