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Gun Belts

Upgrade your setup with Nexbelt EDC. Our ratchet technology provides optimal functionality and unparalleled comfort. Choose from a variety of materials and colors. Our gun belts are designed for ultimate comfort and can be cut to size for personalized wear. Gear up today with a Nexbelt!

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HD Nylon Duty Belt 2.25" [57mm]
Black Leather Duty Belt 2.25" [57 mm]
Basket Weave Duty Belt, 2.25" [57mm]
Crazy Horse Black EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Inner Belt - Hook EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Inner Belt - Loop EDC Belt  1.5" [38mm]
Thin Bar Coyote EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Thin Bar Black EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Grace Black EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Savannah Espresso EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Savannah Black EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
NTAC-45 EDC Belt 1.75" [45mm]
Supreme Black EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Supreme Coyote EDC Belt  1.5" [38mm]
XL Supreme Black EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Titan Black EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Titan Grey EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Titan Coyote EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Titan OD Green EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
XL Titan Black EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
XL Titan Grey EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Titan Dark Brown EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Bond Black EDC Belt 1.375" [35 mm]
Bond Carbon Black EDC Belt 1.375" [35mm]
Rogue Black EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Rogue Walnut EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
XL Rogue Black EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Guardian Black EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Guardian Spartan EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Guardian Blue Line EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Bond Brown EDC Belt 1.375" [35 mm]
Torque Coyote Work Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Aston USA Flag EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Texas Guardian EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Darknite EDC Belt 1.375" [35mm]
Rogue Espresso EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Torque Black Work Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Out of StockCrazy Horse Brown EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]

Gun Belts

Having a firearm by your side should never compromise your comfort or personal safety. Looking to upgrade your EDC setup? Our line of Nexbelt every day and concealed carry gun belts come in styles and designs proven to perform in the field daily.

What sets nexbelt apart is our premium ratchet design, meticulously engineered for unwavering functionality and unmatched durability. Our belts provide the necessary rigidity to support your protective device while allowing you to make precise adjustments for your concealed carry setup. Whether you're a casual carrier or a tactical professional, Nexbelt has a gun belt tailored to your needs.

Precision Ratchet-Latch Belts for Guns 

At Nexbelt, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of gun belts to cater to your unique needs. Choose from a variety of materials, including premium leather and ultra-stiff nylon bases. Our color options range from classic black to coyote tan, OD green, and even camo gun belts. We're constantly updating our designs, so make sure to explore our latest EDC gun belts today.

Each belt offers the ultimate comfort on the move. Instead of traditional holes, these belts use a ratchet buckle system with quarter-inch adjustments for the perfect fit. They have a compact buckle and can be cut to size using the markings on the back for personalized and tailored wear. Need to replace a part of your gun belt? Order separate Nexbelt gun belt components to repair your setup today.

Performance Gun Belts 

Our belts are not limited to law enforcement, private security, and tactical military use. We also carry rugged belts for tradesmen and other professions. No matter your profession or lifestyle, our gun belts are designed to provide durability, strength, and reliability.

Contact our team to find the best ratchet gun belt when ordering from Nexbelt.

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