March 24, 2017

February 22, 2017

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How to wear Nexbelt

How to wear Nexbelt from Nexbelt on Vimeo.

Nexbelt shows you how to wear our belts.

February 02, 2017

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PRO TOUR Pro Golfer Jim Furyk

This why Pro Golfer Jim Furyk chooses Nexbelt!

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February 02, 2017

Nexbelt Fast Eddie Series - A Versatile Buckle

The Fast Eddie series is one of our most popular belts when it comes to golfing. With five different versions of the Fast Eddie series, its hard to choose which one is best fit for you . The Fast Eddie series golf belts feature a very functional design with a flip down buckle. With our precise fit technology and our Ratchet system combine the two and you get one of the most comfortable belts you can buy. Its been said that the fast Eddie series is the ultimate golfer survival tool! When you flip open the buckle face you have quick access to your ball marker, divot Fixer, and the ever important bottle opener. The Fast Eddie also makes a perfect gift for any golfer.

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December 27, 2016

Comfort with a gunbelt?

This article was written by Arthur G. Grant,VP Operations and Sales, PackinFurDefense and permission was given to post.

Well there are many quality gun belts; few are appropriate for wear with a high-line suit, such as a Hugo Boss, Armani or Jos. A. Banks. The Nexbelt Tactical Leather has the style, and with interchangeable buckles the versatility for a professionals wardrobe, with the necessary support for a concealed weapon worn either OWB or IWB.

Most gun belts are excessively rigid well failing to provide the necessary range of fit across many users CCW load out. When ordering one hope the holes will align to provide a proper, as well as comfortable fit, whether wearing a subcompact, compact or full size weapon IWB. Add a spare mag, or two worn IWB and getting the belt to fit can be difficult leading to poor weapons carriage or injury. Nexbelt allows 1/4 inch adjustments for the perfect fit. Taking a weapon off doesn’t require you to look like you’re undressing. Just covertly adjust the fit. (Great on long drives or after a big meal).

Improper belt fit is a matter of a fraction of inch, but the damage can be significant. As reported in men’s health Tight-fitting belt increase abdominal pressure, making it difficult for gas and food to move downward. Russell Yang, M.D., Ph.D., a professor of gastrointestinal and liver diseases at the Keck School of Medicine at USC. Said in the article Stomach acid goes back up, and you're more likely to suffer heartburn and acid reflux. A tight belt or waist also magnifies bowel discomfort and stomachaches.

  1. According to The Virginia Spine Institute Team, a belt that is too tight can lead to a condition called Meralgia Paresthetica. The symptoms are caused when the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve is compressed; this nerve supplies sensation in the anterior and lateral part of the thigh. Tight belts and clothing can lead to compression of this nerve and presents with numbness and burning pain in the front and outside of the thigh
  2. Add a gun holster or magazine holster IWB and the pressure points from wearing a belt too tight can be pressure points that lead to injury elsewhere on the body. Much like acupressure a holster pinched against the hip at 3 O’clock can lead to an inflamed lower spine.
  3. A pain in the neck ... hips and back by Jonathan Kozlowski On Sep 3, 2010
  4. The most common and apparently nearly inevitable trouble experienced by law enforcement officers is back pain. (and CCW’s) Tom Wiersma says discomfort impacts more than musculoskeletal pain (like back pain). He also considers impact to the nervous system, soft-tissue damage as well as circulatory system restrictions.

    While back pain can be easy to detect, it may not be as simple to discover that a belt pulled too tight can put a strain on blood flow, yet the resulting leg cramp that follows can make that day shift feel like forever.

    "Everybody has a nerve that runs up over the hip bone, over the front, that controls the muscles in your upper leg in the front and a nerve down the back -- the sciatic nerve. The typical duty belt winds up supporting itself on exactly those four points on your waist: the two points on your hip bone ... and on your lower back," says Chuck Buis, the product line manager for holsters and duty gear from Blackhawk.

    Duckbill's Wiersma adds further explanation, "An over-tight belt not only abrades on the 31 pairs of nerve roots exiting the spinal column through spaces in the vertebra at the base of the spine, but also restricts the nourishing blood flow these nerves require if they are to communicate properly between the brain and lower extremities."

The Nexbelt Tactical Nylon series is much more flexible than competing belts for changing in and out of gear. Frequently the better known tactical gun belts possess buckles that make moving from OWB to IWB difficult. They also don’t provide sufficient depth to provide proper clip catch for hybrid IWB holsters such as the Crossbreed or Kydex holsters such to capture. The clip locking under the belt is what provides the counterforce to the holsters retention. A proper gun belt, properly fit provides that assured retention of the holster during a physical fight for our lives, or a draw were we are Conaning that gun from the holster with all the strength that fearing for one’s life can generate.

Carrying a gun, open or even more concealed can impact your health and wellbeing, it’s a both a fashion statement and a tool, it needs to be right, your life may depend on it. Nexbelt gunbelts possess all of the attributes of a top of the line gun belt, lateral stability to support the weight of the weapon, maintain proper orientation of the holster, well being micro adjustable for a healthy fit. The belt is so comfortable that most buyers wear the belt even if they are not wearing a gun. When they do wear their gun, they don’t feel like they are locked in a prison waist iron, comfort and effectiveness combined. Ergonomics and performance.

Arthur G. Grant
VP Operations and Sales, PackinFurDefense
Phone: 949.528.7385
Member NRA Business Alliance, NSSF, CRPA
AG&AG Sponsor - Calguns Vendor

October 26, 2016

Gear Review: Nexbelt, The Carry Belt With No Holes


Nexbelt Tactical Belt

Inside-waistband gun carriers know that a belt is for much more than keeping your pants up. The Nexbelt, “the belt with no holes,” has proven itself to be a perfect choice for my daily carry. I love the low-profile buckle, the totally custom fit, and how solid it is to keep my gun and my pants in place.

The video shows how the belt works. It took me about two days of wearing it until I could undo the belt as fast as it goes on. Both are faster than belts with holes! has these web belts in OD green, as you see here, as well as tan, black, and Realtree. If webbing’s not your thing, they also have black and brown finished leather for an extra $10. Here is the video review:

 If you like what you see in my review video, they give new customers a 20% discount on the belt that usually costs $49.99. Personally, I think that’s a great price for a reliable and easy to use belt.

Nexbelt with Guardian Angel IWB holster

Have you tried one of these belts? If so, detail your experience in the comments below. Also, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss any of our gun and gear reviews.

September 27, 2016

Nexbelt Tactical Belt – No Holes!? – A Perfect CCW Solution

By Mike Fernald / Turkey Hill Outdoors
Photographer Mike Fernald spends a year wearing and testing the Nexbelt Tactical Belt , here are the video results.

USA – -( The way that you look at your belt will never be the same again. The developers at Nexbelt have completely changed the game in a market that was pretty much stagnant.

Most people were just simply living with their old style of belt closures and thinking nothing of it.

The entire premise of the Nexbelt is built off of a completely innovative no-hole platform. No holes whatsoever. The buckle has an integrated ratcheting system that securely adjusts the tightness of the belt in ¼” increments. Thus giving the wearer 4 times the adjustability of the regular 1” hole spacing in a classic belt, without effecting the look and face of the belt.

Nexbelt Tactical Belt

The Nexbelt Tactical Belt series are composed of extremely high quality durable and stiff leather or nylon. This makes them the prefect tool to support a firearm in a CCW (concealed carry weapon) application. The belts come in a single size where the user cuts at a measured length to best fit both their waist and their needs. In an IWB (inside the waistband) CCW application, the user will cut their belt a recommended 3 inches larger than their normal waist size to accommodate a firearm and holster (it’s better to start too long than too short, once you cut it you can’t go back)

Once the Nexbelt Tactical Belt strap is secured and locked into the buckle the belt is ready to go, and ready to be adjusted to the absolute perfect length for your specific needs. No more punching new holes in your belt to get the perfect fit. No more stretching or warping of belt holes that compromise the way that your belt fits.

No more “I guess that’s good enough belts.”

These belts will give you a precise fit every time, which is invaluable when the performance of your belt directly impacts your ability to carry securely and comfortably.

The Nexbelt Tactical Series of belts come in a variety of colors and styles to match any dress scenario that you may need. From working on the farm, to sitting in a board meeting in a suit and tie, Nexbelt has a belt that will suite your needs perfectly.

“Every day for the past year and a half, I’ve been personally wearing one of these belts, and can honestly say that it has completely reformed my opinion of a belts function and how important it is to have a belt that truly fits perfectly. The attractive styling is just a bonus.” says Mike Fernald

About Mike Fernald & Turkey Hill Outdoors:

Turkey Hill Outdoors, LLC is an organization devoted to sharing our experiences and love for the outdoors and conservation, through video production and photography. We are devoted to telling the stories and sharing the experiences that make the great outdoors truly so great.

September 01, 2016

Groomsmen Gift Idea

Wedding planning is a stressful event - especially for the Bride. For the Groom it’s not as hard since you tend to hand over the reigns to her. The area that you are still responsible for are the gifts for the Best Man and the Groomsmen. And it’s slim pickings out there for the guys. Your first reaction is to get them a flask or something that has to do with alcohol because everyone’s doing it. But do you want to be like everyone? Remember these are your guys. Your buddies!

You want to give them a gift that is unique, thoughtful, universal, can be used all the time and has great presentation: A gift that won’t go in a drawer or be in the next yard sale.

Our ratchet belt is the perfect gift because it covers all the bases.

UNIQUE: Our ratchet system is new and stands apart from the traditional belts. It’s not just different: It’s better. You can adjust the belt in 1/4” increments instead of the 1” between holes to make it the most comfortable belt they will own. No more worn holes and wear marks. And if your guys are into golf, we have the Go-In Series with the hidden ball marker that’s worn by famous PGA Tour players like Jim Furyk and Kevin Na.

THOUGHTFUL: We can monogram the Groomsmen initials on the buckle. This is a great way to personalize the gift to show them how much you appreciate their friendship and presence at your special day.

UNIVERSAL: The guys all wear pants – it’s a no brainer! And with our sizing system, you don’t have to worry about sizes. We make it simple with our cut-to-size system, which has a scaling system on the back. Simple!

USAGE: How many gifts can you think of you can use everyday? Everyone gets a flask. Most guys have 2 or 3 in their dresser drawers. Cuff links? Most guys don’t even have dress shirt that will accept cuff links. Your guys will wear this belt everyday. They can use it for work or play. And they will thank you again the next time they see you. Every time they reach for the belt, it will remind them of your special day.

PRESENTATION: Our belts comes in a satin black jewel box with the following inscription on white satin inside the lid - “Life’s greatest moments are made even better when shared with people like you”. The jewel box adds the final touch of class to let them know how much they mean to you.

So how many gifts can you think of that can meets these categories above? You’d be hard pressed to find one. Make it simple on yourself. By allowing Nexbelt to be part of your special event, we can help in creating great memories.

Tactical Belts

At first glance choosing a belt might not seem like a big decision. If the sole use of the belt is to hold pants up that decision becomes even easier – simply choose one that is aesthetically pleasing and put it on.

In the tactical world belt selection doesn’t come nearly as easily. Not only does your belt need to look good, it must serve a purpose – as the saying goes, “Fit, form, function.” Unlike typical lifestyle choices, down and dirty tactical performance must also dictate a belt’s weight bearing functionality; to be more specific, your belt must literally stand up to the weight of your holster and full-size, fully-loaded double-stack firearm without folding, rolling or sagging… and look good doing it.

Nexbelt checks off all the important individual and tactical lifestyle boxes open- and concealed-carriers not only want but need. These belts look good, feel great and incorporate the same ridiculously robust adjustability and custom buckle options you’ve come to appreciate from Nexbelt’s standard offerings.

The Defender line delivers the traditional Nexbelt signature sleek upscale look yet also offers stiffer premium leather construction for daily comfort, armed or not. The removable nickel buckle has a magnetic trigger for quick adjustments. Carrying a concealed firearm has never felt so comfortable or looked so good.

When functionality outweighs fashion, our Tactical Titan ratchet belt is the obvious choice. Great for a rugged casual or light duty military look, Nexbelts are much more comfortable than your average rigger belt. Our nylon straps are made of exceedingly dense microfiber comprised of ultra-fine polyester fibers. This innovative combination provides the perfect stiffness required for holstering a handgun… or hand tools. The bullet styled tip is laser cut and heat treated to resist fraying while the removable black buckle features a magnetic trigger for lightning fast adjustability. From business meetings to range training and even rugged construction work, Nexbelt’s attention to fit, form and function makes it a perfect fit for boot-on-the-ground operators, elite special teams, average Joe firearm carriers… and a formal night out.

Defender and Tactical belts are offered in an array of colors and styles with interchangeable buckles. All belts are made to fit up to a 50-in. waist and are designed to be cut down to provide a perfect fit. In our world, we call that PreciseFit™ but you’re welcome to call it the best belt you’ve ever worn!



July 20, 2016

Why Top PGA Pros Wear Nexbelts

There is a reason why Nexbelt is one of the fastest growing brand in the golfing world and on the PGA Tour: Comfort.

The thought of comfort and a belt together has rarely crossed the mind of a golfer. Basically you were dealt with the hands you received with the typical pin buckle belt. You had two choices – be stuck in the hole you’re at or find something to punch a hole to get a better fit. The list of tools for punching holes are as follows: Screwdrivers, awls, drills, pocket knife, and a punch. And it never comes out looking pretty. So most of us just stayed in the same hole.

If you ever thought of changing the placement hole of your belt then Nexbelt is the belt for you. Instead of the traditional pin buckle belts that has holes 1” apart, Nexbelt’s innovative ratchet system has cogs that are ¼” apart which means you can adjust your belt in ¼” increments. That means no more of that bloated feeling because you are stuck in between holes and no more tugging your pants up because you are on a hole that is too loose.

We call it PreciseFit™ and that’s why Jim Furyk says “the PreciseFit™ gives me maximum comfort and playability”. He understands the importance of comfort in its relations to his game.

Other PGA players such as Kevin Na, Marc Leishman, Jason Bohn, Jarrod Lyle and Katie Burnett also agree. After wearing one, you will agree with the pros:

Nexbelt is the most comfortable belt you will ever own.