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our story

Revolutionizing ratchetbelt technology

our vision

To become known in culture as the belt brand synonymous with confidence and self-expression.

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our story

Founded in 2010, Nexbelt doesn't claim to be the inventor of ratchet belt technology - just the innovator and re-engineer of it. We took a proven technology and upgraded it with custom designs, premium materials, durable stainless steel hex screws, and our patented Nexbelt sizing system and buckle mechanisms. Every tool, mold, design, and feature that goes into making a Nexbelt is a Nexbelt exclusive.

We obsess over the details because we know how we carry ourselves, and what we carry is who we are. No matter the situation, we have belt technology to ensure you are comfortable and confident in every situation.

Nexbelt knows no boundaries. We will continue to innovate and provide the most extensive collection of high-quality ratchet belts.

our purpose

For centuries of men, the belt was meant to keep your pants up. And it’s buckle shut.

For soldiers? Be reliable. And bland.
For businessmen? Match your shoes. Or else.

In every situation, a belt’s job was to follow the rules.
What a waste of potential!

A modern belt should be subtle yet loud. Functional and comfortable. Stylish and secure. And fit like it’s part of your body.

Because how you carry yourself and what you carry, is who you are. This is our view. And it’s woven into every ratchet belt we make.

We invite you to be free from a one-sided history.
And feel like yourself – in any situation.

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