White Golf Belts

White Golf Belts

Looking to bring a fresh, modern look to your golf game? White belts have been a staple of the golfing scene for years and are favored by top PGA Tour players. One reason they have been popular is they have the advantage of matching with your white shoes and helping your colored polos stand out against the crowd. They exude a young, modern vibe that traditional black and brown belts don’t.



Besides the traditional smooth white leather, Nexbelt offers a variety of style of white leather belts with different textures to further enhance that modern look. Some popular texture styles are alligator and carbon fiber. 

Alligator White

Go-In! Carbon White

For even more personality, Nexbelt offers different buckle faces. Our variety includes a variety of styles and finishes. And since the buckles are interchangeable, you can personalize your look.
Each buckle can feature white textured golf balls, or a Lucky Blue X.

Lucky Blue X Faxtor


Some favorites have been the American flag, and some strong contenders are the Arizona and Texas flag.

If you’re more of a traditionalist, choose buckles without a face for a more classic look. 

New Ace White 

Coming April 2022

New Birdie White 

Coming April 2022


If you’re looking for a belt that’s stylish and innovative, as well as functional then shop our collection of Go-In Series or Fast Eddie Series. 

The Go-In Series feature a face that flips down to reveal a hidden ball marker, 

while the Fast Eddie has a hidden ball marker, a divot tool, and a bottle opener so you don’t have to dig through your pockets to find your tools! 


Besides looking good on and off the course, we guarantee that once you experience the comfort, and functionality of a Nexbelt golf belt, you’ll find you’re better able to concentrate on your golf game and improve your performance. Shop our extensive collection of ratchet golf belts to find a belt just for you.



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