Best Gun Belts In 2022 [Buyer’s Guide] - Nexbelt Review

Best Gun Belts In 2022 [Buyer’s Guide] - Nexbelt Review
By: Brady Kirkpatrick  |  Click here for the article. 
The Nextbelt EDC Titan Black is a nylon tactical belt that utilizes the traditional ratcheting buckle mechanism most gun owners have possibly used in the past. The gun belt is designed for up to a 50-inch waist but is easily adjusted for people with lower waist sizes. 
The straps are just 1/4th of an inch, making them quick and easy to strap on and take off. In our experience, it is more comfortable compared to the traditional buckle and pin you’ll find on most gun belts. 
Unlike other nylon belts we’ve reviewed and used in the past, The EDC Titan uses high-density microfiber material, which feels premium and durable. The added stiffness, as a result, makes it possible to tuck a gun under your shirt or holster one on the side. 
While we’ve not had any issues with the EDC Titan Black, the only drawback of this belt is it does not look great, but that’s our personal opinion, and you might think differently. 

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