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Article: Review of the Nexbelt Titan DB Black Precise Fit EDC Belt

Review of the Nexbelt Titan DB Black Precise Fit EDC Belt

Review of the Nexbelt Titan DB Black Precise Fit EDC Belt

By AJ | Click Here for article 
The Nexbelt Titan DB Black Precise Fit EDC Belt
 Gears Rating
 4.5 out of 5 gears review
This is my new favorite belt. It is a superb concealed weapon (CCW) belt and an excellent Everyday Carry (EDC) and workwear belt.
Where To Buy the Nexbelt Titan DB Black Precise Fit EDC Belt
First Impressions of the Nexbelt Titan DB Black Precise Fit EDC Belt
My first impressions are of surprise. It comes in a nice little black carry case with the Nexbelt Nation Logo on the front. Pulling the belt out of the case, the belt and buckle are both of superb quality. I’m very surprised and as I pay careful attention to the case that came with it. It even has a black-on-black camo design, which is yet elegant and subtle.
Once I set the bag to the side, a packet of tools falls out. Looks like there’s a little ziplock bag with strap and install screws and further instructions on that later. The belt itself has a burly rubber band keeping it together and I have to give kudos to Nexbelt for the slogan “For God and Country.” I am going to keep this rubber band it’s a perfect size for the rubber bands that people wear around their wrists. Looking over the belt itself, it is extremely rigid and wants to curl quite a bit because it was wound so tightly inside the bag.
The quality is superb and the attention to detail is stunning. Not only do they have all the information you need printed on the inside but they also have inch markings. So looking at my belt specifically it starts at 25 inches and works its way up to 49 inches. That’s awesome. It gives you install instructions, carry instructions, model numbers, and everything else.
Installation of the Nexbelt Titan DB Black Precise Fit EDC Belt
Now as I move on to installation, the included instructions are easy to understand. Realizing why the inches are printed on the back, it becomes clearer as I work my way through the process. What you want to do is you want to trim the belt and connect it to the buckle clasp because there’s a limited set of ratcheting sizes. The instructions recommend cutting your belt four inches longer than your waist size. Once it’s cut, you install the buckle onto the end you trimmed, and the opposite end of the belt will be the ratchet. It should be close to the size you need.
Now I would be sure to follow the instructions when they say always cut longer than you need. You can always trim more, but common sense dictates that you can’t give back what you’ve already cut off. Once you have the buckle trimmed and installed, your belt is ready to wear.
Field Testing of the Nexbelt Titan DB Black Precise Fit EDC Belt
Over the course of a period, I tested the belt with different pants in various styles of various belt loops. The Nexbelt Titan worked well with everything I have in my closet, the size of belt loops on my standard working jeans and tactical pants were of particular concern. The belt was easy to put on, take off, and provide comfort all day long. I should note that I did not try the belt with dress pants or slacks. Those will be covered in a different review.
This EDC belt will strictly be used for workwear and that’s where I applied most of my expertise. When testing the belt, it took several tries to get the belt at the right length, first using the aforementioned recommended length, and then trimming another three inches off to get a proper fit with the belt. If left too long, the tail of the belt is excessive and catches on things, and if the trim is too short, the belt is ruined because you won’t be able to put it together. So care needs to be taken when installing and sizing up the belt buckle or else you’ll be disappointed the rest of the time you own the belt.
Specs of the Nexbelt Titan DB Black Precise Fit EDC Belt
The design of the belt is superb. It is very rigid, held up well, and made a great carry belt. It has enough flex to be comfortable. The edges are wrapped around in nylon to provide a smooth finish and to prevent snagging and damage to clothing. The ratchet system on the back shows no wear throughout my testing and the belt buckle never came loose. My next test will be to wear this belt for several years and see how it holds up by the end of these years.
Pro’s of the Nexbelt Titan DB Black Precise Fit EDC Belt
The pros of this belt are its size, rigidity, and functionality. The inch and a half-width are superb for just about any pair of pants with belt loops this large. It works great in its primary function for securing the pants around my waist, and it’s also superb for attaching duty gear, such as holsters and other accessories. The no-hole ratcheting function worked extremely well and was slick to operate. The belt slips on easily and provides a clean sleek look.
Con’s of the Nexbelt Titan DB Black Precise Fit EDC Belt
There was only one negative that I found. You had to be familiar with how to release the ratchet strap to take the belt loose. This does take some practice and familiarity and if left untrained, you’ll be scrambling to get your pants down when the direst situation hits. Having to come to terms on which method to cut the belt off is not a situation I recommend anybody be put in. Great care and practice must be taken in removing the belt in a fast and speedy manner to ensure that accidents don’t happen.
Final Thoughts on the Nexbelt Titan DB Black Precise Fit EDC Belt
That this is the best belt I own today! I’ve tried several different belts including a Blackhawk that served me for three years and Elite Survival Systems belt that I picked up at SHOT show. Out of these three duty belts, the Nexbelt is best suited for my situation. My situation being everyday wear, comfortability, and longevity. I’m more than happy and just plain excited with this belt, I can’t think of a better accessory to complete my ensemble day after day.

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