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Article: Ultimate EDC Belt Gift Guide for Men

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Ultimate EDC Belt Gift Guide for Men

Buying gifts can be tough, but when it comes to buying for men, there’s one advantage that shows up more often than not. A lot of guys appreciate practical gifts. They want things that they can use.

If you are buying a gift for someone who regularly carries a firearm (or if you’re in the market to get yourself something nice), then an EDC belt makes for a great choice. To help with that, we’ve made this EDC belt gift guide for guys.

Why Buy an EDC Belt?

Are you even familiar with the concept of an EDC belt? The fact that you’re here means that you probably know what you’re after, but in the interest of ensuring that everyone is on the same page, let’s start at the beginning.

An EDC belt is an everyday carry belt. It’s the belt you strap your gun to when you are carrying on an average day.

Whether you do more open or concealed carry, the EDC belt is a tool that you rely on continuously. It’s the tool that ultimately holds your firearm at the ready, and when you think about the responsibility thrust upon your EDC belt, then it suddenly becomes clear that quality is invaluable for this tool.

The EDC belt should look like a normal belt while providing tactical benefits that you won’t get from a traditional belt. Below, you’re going to see some tips that will help you pick the best possible EDC belt, and then you’ll get to see some recommendations on a few of the best around.

Tips for Choosing Which EDC Belt to Buy

If your EDC belt is going to hold a firearm, then there are a few things to consider.

First, the belt needs to be able to handle the weight. If you’ve tried to carry with a traditional belt, you probably noticed that no matter how you adjust it, it sags and struggles under the weight of your firearm. That’s because traditional belts are not designed to hold extra weight. They’re just there to keep your pants on under normal circumstances.

In order to handle the extra weight of a firearm (not to mention an extra magazine), your best bet is to ditch the traditional buckle. Normal belts have holes in them, and you fasten the belt to the hole that closest matches your waist size.

This isn’t good enough for tactical carrying. Instead of hoping you find a hole close enough to your fit, you can use a belt that ditches this imprecise mechanism and go with a ratchet belt instead. Have you ever used ratchet straps to secure items in the back of a truck? A ratcheting belt buckle works on a similar principle, only without any of the frustration that comes with tangled straps.

The ratcheting buckle adjusts to your exact dimensions, and it allows the belt to carry your firearm without sagging or struggling.

Meanwhile, if you are among the ever-growing CCW crowd, you want a belt that is inconspicuous. It needs to provide better performance without looking out of place in your outfit. In that sense, aesthetics still matter. Fortunately, you can find a good selection of leather and nylon EDC belts, all of which look perfectly normal for everyday wear.

The Best Leather EDC Belts

When looks matter, a good leather EDC belt is indispensable, and when it comes to good-looking belts, the Bond Black EDC Belt is a clear favorite.

Designed for business professionals, like lawyers and financial managers, this is an EDC belt that looks right at home in a swanky office. If you wear a suit to work every day, then this is the belt that looks right while still performing its EDC duties admirably.

If you want to look and feel like Bond, this is the best EDC belt.

Of course, if this look is too formal or not quite right for you, there are plenty of other great leather EDC belts to consider.

The Best Nylon EDC Belts

Nylon EDC belts are a lot less formal. Providing an amazing casual look, these belts really do put function above all else, including aesthetics.

A strong nylon EDC belt is going to provide the best in performance, longevity, and reliability.

It’s hard to pick a true favorite from the crowd. There are so many colors and patterns, and any reinforced nylon EDC belt is going to provide a similar performance. As long as you have a good ratcheting buckle and quality materials that are made to work hard, you can’t go wrong.

For the best selection of nylon EDC belts, you’ll find a great list of options here.

The Best Tactical EDC Belt 

Of course, you’re wearing an EDC belt for a reason, and when you’re steering into that reason, then tactical options matter more than anything else. While leather and nylon belts are great for concealed carry and hiding the belt’s true purpose, a good tactical belt simply offers more when you expect to need your gun and/or other tools.

You’ll find that the best tactical EDC belts are ultra-rugged. They’re made to withstand heavy use. If you’re spending all day at the range, running drills, or even working heavy labor jobs, these are the right belts.

What separates these from other tactical belts is the unique material design. These belts are made from ultra-fine polyester fibers arranged in an extremely dense microfiber design. That makes them exceptionally durable, able to hold extra weight, and still comfortable to wear on a long, hard day.

EDC Belts and More at

While the recommendations above are a great start, the truth is that no single belt is perfect for everyone. You want options and a selection that you can really trust.

For that, you can turn to Nextbelt. Every belt is made to the same standards. They are strong, reliable, and more than capable of holding tactical weight. You’ll find more styles and designs than you can imagine — more than enough to ensure that there is a high-quality belt that conforms to your specific needs. Check out the full selection, and you’ll be sure to find the right belt for you.

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