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Article: 10 Different Types Of Belt Buckles

Rogue Espresso EDC Belt

10 Different Types Of Belt Buckles

Belts are not the same, and neither are the belt buckles that hold them in place. Belts are functional tools to hold your pants where you want them as well as fashionable accessories that contribute to your overall look. Whether you want to dress up or down or just get as much support as you can, having the best belt buckle to do that is critical.

Different Types of Belt Buckles

To help you find the best belt buckles for your needs, we’ve created a list of the most common belt buckles. You can find a wide range of stylish and functional options to fit most needs, including our line of ratchet belt buckles.

Belt buckle

Ratchet Belt Buckles

If you are investing in a ratchet belt, you need buckles that work with this functionality. If you are buying from other manufacturers, note that not all belt buckles will fit all ratchet belts. You’ll want to stick with our Nexbelt style ratchet belts for the best results.

Tactical Buckles

Tactical buckles are some of the most impressive options available with their refined detailing and style. You can choose from our tactical belt buckle series that includes options such as pewter buckles with flags, amendment detailing, and much more. A tactical style belt looks and functions like a military or law enforcement belt, with some detailing. A good example of this type of belt is our Titan Coyote PreciseFit EDC Belt. It is impressively reliable and offers the solid functionality you need.

Prong or Tongue Buckles

Another popular option in belt buckles are those designed for prong or tongue belts. These belts come in a range of styles and materials, but they are some of the most commonly available today. The buckles themselves are typically made of metal, sometimes steel or other types. They are conventional belt buckles, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring or too simple. The beauty of the Rogue Espresso EDC Belt is a good example of this, with its high-quality design and beautiful Buckle. For a belt with a bit more flare, consider the Frances Ebony EDC Belt. This belt has a slightly rounded buckle that helps to add a bit of class and character to the belt.

Military Buckles

Military buckles typically do not have any prongs or holes. Rather than that, they have a type of fastener that is still very adjustable and will hold in place well. In the military style belt, you will slide the belt strap into the buckle as you put it on. There’s nothing else to do as it then holds in place thanks to tension. You then push buttons that are located on both sides of the buckle in order to release it. This allows for the unthreading of the belt from the otherwise secure buckle.

Dress Belts

Dress belts are those designed to be worn in a more professional or elegant setting. They tend to have a sleek and simple design or ornate elements that help them look more fashionable and upscale. Dress belt buckles range widely in terms of size and function, though most will have a traditional prong style function. Sometimes you can add a lot of character and beauty to a belt by choosing a buckle that offers more detail or ornate beauty.

Auto Release

Sometimes called a breakaway belt, the auto release belt is an excellent choice for many people and is very commonly found. The auto release function works when you create a certain amount of force when you tug the belt. When this type of belt is desired, it helps to minimize the difficulty of taking the belt off and helps ensure the belt works reliably when you want to maintain it.

Flip Top/Flip Closure Buckles

Another style of belt buckle is called a flip top or sometimes a flip closure buckle. Though they may seem a bit more challenging, these belts are actually very easy to use. Once you slide the belt through the buckle, you simply close the flip top. This then clamps down on the belt, keeping it from moving or slipping. Then when you want to take it off, you open the flip top, and that allows for the releasing of the belt.

Double Ring

A double ring belt is one that has two rings that function as the belt buckle itself. Once you thread the belt through the loops on your pants, you thread the belt into the loops. Then, you double back and put the belt end under just one of the loops. Doing this secures it. Sometimes called a D-ring or an O-ring, these belts are defined by the shape of the look (either a D or an O).

Pin Buckle

These are sometimes called anchor buckles. The difference is in the way the pin functions. Once you slide it into the buckle itself, you will then push down on the top. As you do, the notched pin hooks into the belt hole and then snaps into a secure place.


A reversible belt is an interesting investment. With these belts, you purchase just one belt, but you wind up with two options, often two different colors or styles of belt, one on each side. The reversible buckle, then, needs to be designed to hold the belt in place no matter which side you choose. The buckles swivel back and forth to allow this to happen easily.

Riggers Belt

A riggers belt is a less common belt buckle style, but it can be an excellent choice. It is often used for rappelling and has a V or a D ring on it that the carabiner will then clip onto. These belts are highly durable to handle the process.

Screw Closures

The screw closure belt buckle features a screw bar closure. It makes for a fast and easy way to secure the belt. They are popular and quite durable.

Finding the Right Belt Buckle for You

Take some time to check out all that we offer a Nexbelt, including our numerous belt hangers for ratchet belts. If you are looking for a buckle, chances are good you will find an excellent choice here.

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