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A black tactical rig battle belt sits against a wood background, the belt has several artillery pieces clipped to it, as well as the Nexbelt logo - battle belt vs chest rig | tactical rig belt

Battle Belt vs Chest Rig: Which Should I Choose?

Do you know the difference between a battle belt vs chest rig? You may favor one over the other significantly, or you may be unsure which is the right choice for your situation. Click here to learn...

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NEW Safariland X Nexbelt Collab

NEW Safariland X Nexbelt Collab

Are you a gun belt owner looking for the best of both worlds? We’re about to make your wildest dreams come true with this brand-new collaboration between Safariland and Nexbelt! That's right -- get...

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best edc belt

Ultimate EDC Belt Gift Guide for Men

Buying gifts can be tough, but when it comes to buying for men, there’s one advantage that shows up more often than not. A lot of guys appreciate practical gifts. They want things that they can use...

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Good gun belt size

What's a Good Gun Belt Size?

Anybody who carries a pistol will agree that finding the right gun belt can be challenging. After all, no two people are the same size. Read on to learn what a good gun belt size is!

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What is a Nexbelt Ratchet Belt & How Does It Work?

What is a Ratchet Belt & How Does It Work?

Ratchet belts are quickly becoming the go-to belt for concealed carriers and everyday carriers. Find out what makes them so great and how they can work for you!

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