Complete Battle Belt Setup Guide: How to Set Up Your Battle Belt

Battle belt

Belts are the starting point for a great day at the shooting range or hunting land. They’re responsible for carrying everything you need, from a holster with your gun, lights you may need, ammunition, and more. Belts carry a ton of weight and for that reason, it’s important to purchase a sturdy belt that you won’t have to worry about after you strap it on. Selecting the right belt is crucial, and once that’s been accomplished, setting up your belt is where all the fun starts. Read on for Nexbelt’s complete battle belt setup guide.

What is a Battle Belt?

These belts go by many names: range belts, war belts, gun belts, and battle belts. They all form the starting point for carrying your necessities for a day of shooting. They’re important for keeping all your tools at the ready, so you don’t need to waste time and attention digging through a bag. They help save time reloading, too, by keeping your magazines within reach at all times.

How Should a Battle Belt fit?

The first step in setting up your battle belt is making sure you have the best gear out there, starting, of course, with the belt itself. As you’re shopping for the right belt to accompany you on your adventures, keep the following items in mind:

  • Your battle belt should be as tough as you are. Belts should be made of heavy duty materials that won’t deteriorate over time, rip, tear, or shred. Nylon is the best material for this purpose.
  • The belt should be able to carry the weight of your items without feeling heavy on your back or torso.
  • The belt should also be able to support a holster without rolling under – after all, this is the primary purpose of a battle belt.
  • The belt should be made in a way that it won’t constantly need to be straightened or readjusted on your body. It shouldn’t swivel around constantly, distracting you from your goals and missions of the day.

    How to Wear a Battle Belt

    You need a battle belt because you want a convenient and comfortable way to carry your gun – the next step, then, is attaching the holster. Your belt should be accommodating to a sturdy holster and mounting system or hanger system. It’s a great idea to select a mounting system that allows you to trade out different holsters. This is an important point to look for if you’re shooting with multiple guns.

    Loading up with Ammo

    If you’ve selected a sturdy gun belt, you should be able to carry plenty of magazines and ammunition, so you won’t constantly have to be reaching around yourself trying to reload. A great gun belt means more time shooting and less time reloading! Carrying two or three pistol magazines and another two carbine magazines is a sweet spot for many gun enthusiasts – the right combination where you’ve got plenty on you, but you’re not overly loaded down. The amount of ammo you’ll carry depends on your personal preference.

    Make sure to carry your pistol bullets in a way that they’re facing toward the buckle of your belt – the middle of your body. This will make reloading even quicker and easier.

    On the other hand, a rifle magazine should be stored on the belt in the opposite direction: with the bullets pointing the other way - away from the belt buckle.

    Loading all Other Gear For a Great Day at the Range or Hunting Spot

    There are many other items you may want to carry on your battle belt, and what you decide to pack that day depends on your personal preference. Here are some crowd favorites:

    • Holster
    • Lights and optics
    • Medical kits
    • Mag pouches
    • Dump pouch
    • Water bottles

    The Best Gun Belts for the Best Sportsmen

    Never compromise on a battle belt – get the best there is with Nexbelt’s Titan BD Black PreciseFit™ EDC Belt. Its granite black, powder-coated textured nylon is built for better wear resistance. Our nylon straps are made from a super-high density microfiber material that is an advanced composite of ultra-fine polyester fibers. This allows the stiffness required for holstering your protection device if you have a CCW permit. The belt’s clasp has 2 set screws to give a more reliable hold than just a clasp alone (a feature that we’re proud to say is a Nexbelt exclusive).

    The belt is constructed using stainless steel set screws and not pins like other cheap battle belts. It is the perfect size for an avid sportsmen, the Titan EDC belt sits at 1 and a half inches and can fit up to a 50 inch waist.

    Step up your game today with a Nexbelt Titan BD Black PreciseFit™ EDC Belt and see what you’ve been missing.

    Titan Tactical EDC Belt Review

    Nexbelt has you covered: these battle belts have been voted the best in the industry by users. Check out this review of the Nexbelt EDC Titan Black Nylon Gun Tactical Ratchet Belt:

    “The Nextbelt EDC Titan Black is a nylon tactical belt that utilizes the traditional ratcheting buckle mechanism most gun owners have possibly used in the past. The gun belt is designed for up to a 50-inch waist but is easily adjusted for people with lower waist sizes.

    The straps are just 1/4th of an inch, making them quick and easy to strap on and take off. In our experience, it is more comfortable compared to the traditional buckle and pin you’ll find on most gun belts.

    Unlike other nylon belts we’ve reviewed and used in the past, The EDC Titan uses high-density microfiber material, which feels premium and durable. The added stiffness, as a result, makes it possible to tuck a gun under your shirt or holster one on the side.”

    You can watch a video review from another happy EDC Titan gun belt user here. He noted some of the pros of the “best EDC belt so far” as:

    • Easy to put on and take off thanks to the well-designed ratcheting buckle mechanism
    • The nylon straps feel comfortable despite their rigidity
    • Feels premium
    • A well built, durable belt

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