Fast Eddie Platinum Buckle
Fast Eddie Platinum Buckle

Fast Eddie Platinum Buckle


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Introducing the ultimate belt buckle - the "multi-tool" for golfers. We've packed this stylish accessory with a hidden ball marker, divot tool, and even a bottle opener. It's like having a Swiss Army knife on your waist!

Need to mark your spot on the course? Just pop open the buckle and reveal the top-notch ball marker. Want to fix a pitch mark on the green? Slide out the divot tool and get to work.

This buckle is designed to fit a 1 3/8th strap and can be paired with any of your favorite golf belts. It's durable, high-quality, and will instantly elevate your golfing experience. Trust us, once you've tried it, you won't want to hit the course without it.


  • Face flips down to reveal a divot tool that doubles as a bottle opener and slides out for easy and convenient use.
  • Also includes a hidden 2 sided ball marker
  • Buckle size 1 5/8” x 2 5/16” 


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