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Cayman Black & Blue V2 Belt 1 3/8" Strap [35mm]

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Elevate your style with our newest Cayman Black & Blue Ratchet belt. Experience unmatched comfort with our cutting-edge aerospace-grade aluminum push-button buckle, reducing weight by 40%. Our innovative ratchet technology and patented scaling system ensure supreme comfort and versatility. The unique mock caiman embossed texture adds a luxurious touch, perfect for any occasion, from golfing to casual hangouts. Discover the improved Cayman Black & Blue Ratchet belt for the ultimate style and comfort. Elevate your look and confidence with our high-quality belt that will turn heads.

No caimans were harmed in the creation of this belt.


  • Aluminum Push Button Buckle
  • Width of strap 1 3/8"
  • Velvet-smooth leather backside
  • Animal Safe
  • Buckle size  1 5/8” x 2 5/16”
  • Cut to Fit to 45” pants size

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