Ebony Black PreciseFit™ Leather Strap
Ebony Black PreciseFit™ Leather Strap

Ebony Black PreciseFit™ Leather Strap


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  • Black textured leather strap with tan leather backing
  • For use on PreciseFit™ ratcheting system buckles
  • Cut to fit to 45" - 1 3/8" wide


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  • I bought a belt from Nexbelt a couple years ago. I wear it constantly and the edges of the strap are starting to fray. I'd like to buy a replacement, but I'm not sure I'm looking at the correct strap. Every strap I've viewed indicates it is 1 3/8" wide. The strap I have now measures less than 1 1/4" wide. On the inside, the strap is labeled ECON by nexbelt. It is black and the only other markings are "Made in China" and "Match to your pant size and cut on dotted lines"

    Hello - we no longer make those belts. The Econs were 1 1/4" wide. They were discontinued 2 years ago. All of our sizes are 1 7/16 plus or minus a 1/16 depending the glue edge.
    Thanks Tom

  • Your ads state you have lengths up to 50" but all I am seeing only go up to 45".

    The ones that go up to 50" are the straps on the Corvette, Camaro, Chevy motorsports belts, and the PreciseFit™ Gun Belts.