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Article: The Best Gun Belt For Women

The Best Gun Belt For Women

The Best Gun Belt For Women

The BEST Gun Belt For Women

The safest and most advantageous carrying of a firearm requires a stable platform from which to draw. A successful and optimal concealed carry system also requires fast and easy access. NOTHING can provide these things like a sturdy belted waistband. So what are the best gun belts for women?

As a gun carrying woman, I know not only the importance of a strong and sturdy gun belt, but just how extremely difficult it can be to find the right one! There are so many options out there (mostly styled for men, by the way), as well as so many different important factors and opinions to take in and consider. Finding the right belt can seem impossible. Add to this the very real aversion that many women have to wearing belts in the first place, and you’re left with an important topic to delve into.

However, I have come across something that I think solves some of what might cause our distaste for belts, and I had to share with everyone!


best gun belt

belt gun belt

Introducing your new secret weapon when it comes to concealed carry,Precise Fit Rachet Beltin both nylon and leather. Yes, it’s a belt-but boy is it a “different” kind of belt; one that uses ratchet technology. These belts give you a truly custom fit each and every day! No more holes, no more contorting and squeezing into your belt! This it the best gun belt and will be the last belt you buy! Even if your waistline changes or the depth or thickness of the holster you choose to wear changes, you are good to go, only one belt is needed.

Why these belts are the best gun belts for women

  • Ability to adjust belt size as little as 1/4″ at a time
  • Custom fit every time you wear it
  • Stainless steel reinforced buckle screws for reliability
  • High-quality belt material to keep your holster in place
  • No-stress buying!

Dreaded Muffin Top

Many women don’t like to be “bound” in a belt and find them uncomfortable. We are already bound in our bra’s, leaving little appeal or any desire to add more constriction to our outfits! I don’t know about you, but my waistline can fluctuate regularly. Whether it’s water-weight or the never-ending ups and downs of my weight-loss, the belt that fit me last month, might not fit me this month.

For some reason, my waistline never seems able to match up the prong with that one perfect hole in the belt that IS my sweet spot of tight enough but not too tight. I find myself either with pants belted too loose or I’m sucking in until I look like a busted can of biscuits to get the prong into that necessary hole! If I do manage to get to that hole, it creates a whole new issue, “Muffin Top.” Can you relate?

A New Innovative Technology Eliminates Muffin Top

This ratchet system solves this issue and is the way of comfort and the future! The holes in traditional belts are spaced by 1″ whereas this new belt allows for a much more precise fit with 1/4″ adjustments, not holes. This belt fits YOU, not pre-punched holes! Best part of all, this design eliminates muffin top!

Another great thing, and why these are the best gun belts, is its perfect stiffness. You can wear these belts all day with your holster in tow, and know that the belt is staying put. But they are not super stiff, where you’d suffer through the day feeling like you have a steel band wrapped around your waist. Providing the strong foundation for your EDC system that you are looking for.

Tried and Tested

My staff and I have both worn and tested these belts and are confident to say you cannot go wrong with them, either the nylon or the leather. The Nylon style is great for everyday wear as well as at the range. The Leather options are so sleek you can wear them with any casual or formal attire. They are also designed with simple minimalist style in mind. The buckles are slim and add no bulk or bulges to your waistband. If you carry concealed, no one would be able to pick you out of a crowd.

Don’t worry about figuring out which size to buy. They don’t come in preset sizes, you make your own! On the reverse side of these belts, inches are measured and printed on the back. Simply cut away the excess, leaving a few inches for any fluctuation in weight or holster size, and you have a custom-fitted belt!

Then, attach the buckle, being sure to fasten the 2 provided screws into the belt through the buckle which along with the buckles 9 “teeth” provides 1,000+lbs of pull without failure! You could be hanging by your belt and rest assured that your gun isn’t going anywhere! (Trust us, we tried it!)

A Good Gun Belt Is Always The Best Way To Go

Remember, a solid platform is required to holster your gun. A comfortable, solid gun belt is essential if you carry your firearm either on or in your waistband. An every-day belt from a big box store might be able to hold up your pants, but once you start adding on a few pounds of plastic and metal, that belt will fail. A strong gun-owning woman needs a strong gun belt, and trust me, these belts are STRONG!


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