Nexbelt Titan PreciseFit™ Gun Belt Offers Micro-Adjustability and Comfort in an EDC Gun Belt

Nexbelt Titan PreciseFit™ Gun Belt Offers Micro-Adjustability and Comfort in an EDC Gun Belt

After going through a host of holsters and not liking the way they sat on my hip, it finally dawned on me that my problem was not so much the style of the holster I was using, but my belt. I never could get the right fit on my belt; either the belt was too tight or too loose. Some of my belts were not rigid enough to comfortably hold up to the weight of a holster and pistol, often sagging resulting in the pistol sitting off my waist awkwardly. 

My first thoughts of the Nexbelt Titan PreciseFit™ EDC gun belt was that it seemed very stiff. It was not until I put it to use that I figured out why. The rigidness of the Titan gun belt effortlessly held the weight of the holster and pistol without folding, sagging, or pulling away at my waistline. The Nexbelt design is not only unique, but it is also ingenious.

The patent design incorporates a micro-adjustable track that the unique ratchet-style buckle fits into. The one-button release holds the belt in place until activated to release its grip on the track allowing for easy belt removal or adjustment. I found the release on the bottom side of the buckle easy to use even while wearing hunting gloves. 

The Titan has a sturdy construction that makes it perfect for keeping outer waistband holsters (OWB) close to the waist and inner waistband holsters (IWB) from pulling at the waist. The super high-density microfiber material is combined of a nylon advanced composition of ultra-fine polyester fibers for a rigid belt guarding against breakdown.

The strap has a thickness of 3/16” with a 1 3/8” width. A rubber liner at the center resists sweat from penetrating the belt. To keep the shape of the belt trained, the manufacturer recommends storing the belt coiled in the bag that comes with each belt. 

The Nexbelt buckle is made of metal and has a textured matte powder-coated finish in a color that compliments the belt’s color. The buckle is not heavy or bulky, nor is it very wide, measuring 1 11/16” x 2 9/16” offering a streamlined fit. When you receive the belt kit, the buckle is not attached. 

On the reverse of the belt is a scored measurement allowing you to customize the size of the belt by choosing the size of your waist, adding 2-3” for the length of the tail end of the belt that you prefer. Once you have cut the belt to size, the cut end is inserted into the buckle and clamped in solidly by a clasp bar. Two countersunk stainless-steel screws are snugly screwed into the belt backing offering a strong, secure hold. The inside of the belt has an integrated strip of teeth allowing for ¼" incremental adjustments for customizable comfort. 

The Titan PreciseFit™ is available in black, coyote, grey, tan, and OD green and fits waist sizes up to 50”. The Titan PreciseFit™ XL is available in black and tan and fits waist sizes up to 67”.  The price of $52.99 - $62.99 is economical enough to own several colors.  

I found myself using the Nexbelt Titan PreciseFit™ EDC gun belt while hunting even when not carrying a holster because of the custom micro-adjustability and, you have to admit, it is just a good-looking belt. Nexbelt has an entire line of belts for daily wear, dress wear, as well as tactical belts. You view the entire Nexbelt line at



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