Galco QuickTuk Cloud Holster

Galco QuickTuk Cloud Holster
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I have been carrying my Springfield Hellcat RDP since the day the gun was released to the public. I fell in love with the pistol the minute I shot it. Because I have been carrying it so much, I have tried a whole mess of different holsters. All the holsters I have tested out have been great in their own way, but none of them have been perfect for the RDP for me.
I am a fan of the hybrid-style holster designs that have become very popular in the concealed carry market. Unfortunately, most of those that I have tested out with the RDP just didn’t do it for me for some reason. I don’t know if it was the size of the gun itself, maybe the compensator, or possibly the red dot?
Most of the holsters I really liked so far have been OWB (outside the waistband) style holsters, which are great, but sometimes I want deep concealment. The problem I have run into is that deep concealment normally is not comfortable. Well, Galco Holsters has changed that with the new QuickTuk Cloud IWB (inside-the-waistband) Holster.
The Details
The QuickTuk Cloud is the perfect combination of extremely comfortable carry with incredible concealment abilities. The holster is a hybrid design made from a nylon material as the backer and a Kydex shell on the front. This gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to carry.
The backer is really where the magic happens on this holster. It features a ballistic nylon front side, and the material is much like the same material you would find on the outside of a ballistic vest. The nylon is wrapped tightly over closed cell foam and attached to a unique comfort cloth lining, much like the material you would find on a pair of gym shorts. The soft-but-strong lining provides padding as well as moisture-wicking abilities, which is great since this is the portion of the holster that is actually contacting your body.
The Kydex shell is attached to the backer using some polymer rivets. The rigid Kydex holster shell grabs the pistol very well and gives you a nice positive click to give you peace of mind that the gun locks into place properly. Personally, I love that click of the gun locking into Kydex. It gives some reassurance that your gun is not going anywhere while on your waist line.
The Kydex portion is cut low enough to work flawlessly with the HEX Wasp. The low cut still covers the triggerguard completely but allows for a nice full grip on the draw. The backer is cut down low enough so that it stays out of the way while still protecting the skin from abrasions caused by the gun.
The bottom end of the QuickTuk Cloud IWB holster is wide open. Normally I am not a fan of the open bottom on a holster because I feel it was sort of the company taking the easy route, but with the RDP having the compensator on the barrel the open end works perfectly. Galco does a great job on the fit and finish of all the edges and components as well. Never once have I cut myself or even scrapped a finger on the edges of the Kydex like I have on many other holsters of similar design.
You can also draw with ease from this design mainly because of the tuckable polymer UniClip that is fully adjustable for ride height. The UniClip is one of the best designs I have ever seen on a holster. It completely locks over any belt up to 1 3/4″ wide by sliding over the belt, and then the lip on the back of the clip slides into itself, insuring the holster is not going to pop off during a drawstroke. Galco’s patent-pending, tuckable polymer UniClip is simply fantastic, offering excellent concealment with a simple design that can be removed from your belt and put back on your belt with ease.
I have been carrying my Hellcat RDP in the QuickTuk Cloud for a few months now paired with my favorite Nexbelt EDC Belt. The Nexbelts are absolutely incredible when it comes to carry. The tough, ridged belt uses a ratcheting system, which means no holes and very simple adjustments throughout the day to make sure your gun is always secure on your waistband.
We have all eaten too much at lunch and felt that discomfort from your belt being too small and the holes in the belt not working exactly how you need them to. Especially with a gun added to the mix. The Nexbelt solves this issue completely. The UniClip that is on the Galco QuickTuk grabs my Nexbelt very well.
This set-up has been a perfect winning combo that has proven every day to be one of the most comfortable and simple set-ups that I have ever carried. I think it’s a great option and a terrific product.

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