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Article: Why Top PGA Pros Wear Nexbelts

Why Top PGA Pros Wear Nexbelts

There is a reason why Nexbelt is one of the fastest growing brand in the golfing world and on the PGA Tour: Comfort.

The thought of comfort and a belt together has rarely crossed the mind of a golfer. Basically you were dealt with the hands you received with the typical pin buckle belt. You had two choices – be stuck in the hole you’re at or find something to punch a hole to get a better fit. The list of tools for punching holes are as follows: Screwdrivers, awls, drills, pocket knife, and a punch. And it never comes out looking pretty. So most of us just stayed in the same hole.


If you ever thought of changing the placement hole of your belt then Nexbelt is the belt for you. Instead of the traditional pin buckle belts that has holes 1” apart, Nexbelt’s innovative ratchet system has cogs that are ¼” apart which means you can adjust your belt in ¼” increments. That means no more of that bloated feeling because you are stuck in between holes and no more tugging your pants up because you are on a hole that is too loose.

We call it PreciseFit™ and that’s why says “the PreciseFit™ gives me maximum comfort and playability”. He understands the importance of comfort in its relations to his game.

Other PGA players such as Kevin Na, Marc Leishman, Jason Bohn, Jarrod Lyle and Katie Burnett also agree. After wearing one, you will agree with the pros:

Nexbelt is the most comfortable belt you will ever own.


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