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Titan OD Green EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]

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Recommended by Warrior Poet and Personal Defense Network


  • Granite black - powder-coated textured for better wear resistance
  • The buckle has Allen head stainless steel screws replacing the pins for a stronger buckle
  • The clasp body has been lengthened and a new larger clasp with 2 set screws gives a secure hold with extra security
  • A smaller more powerful magnet is used allowing the mechanism to be smaller
  • Buckle size 1 7/8” x 3


  • NEW! The tip of the strap now has a leather stitch to prevent it from fraying.
  • Our new nylon straps are stiffer and are made from a super-high density microfiber material that is an advanced composite of ultra-fine polyester fibers; this allows the stiffness required for holstering your protection device if you have a CCW permit or just your everyday tools.
  • In the center of the strap is a rubber liner to resist sweat from penetrating the outer belt surface.
  • Strap thickness near 3/16"
  • Strap width is 1 1/2 fits up to 50" waist
Titan OD Green EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm]
Titan OD Green EDC Belt 1.5" [38mm] Sale price$69.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
great EDC belt

superb quality and just the right stiffness for EDC. Even with quite a bit of equipment on the belt it retains good position. I have several and certainly will get more!

Jason J.
Excellent Belt!

I have 2 of these belts. I absolutely love them. I'm a police officer and I work in an administrative position. I wear these every day with a full size firearm, cuffs and magazines. A friend recommended these, and I don't see me going to any other belt.

Fantastic Belt - Always perfect fit

This belt arrived quickly and its setup was very easy. I love that it fits just how I want it. The small increments allow me to adjust the fit to the amount of clothing layers I have tucked into my pants. The various designs and colors makes it hard to select which one to purchase, but that is a good thing.Order one, you will not be disappointed.

Great for the first couple months to a year.

I’m on my 2nd strap since the first one I ordered in 2017. The belts are fantastic at first, but the material just doesn’t hold up to long term use. I wear mine daily but I wouldn’t say I’m rough on them by any means. The first issue I have is they develop “breaks” in the material where the belt seems to develop a flimsy “crack” right where my back belt loop is. There’s another on my right side but it’s not quite as bad. The biggest issue though is the nylon material starts to fray along the edges and along the ratchet section really bad. This latest one has begun to get snagged where the material is coming loose from the ratchet area and the “tongue” on the buckle will slide into it and prevent the belt from coming off. I have to slide my finger right in front of it to keep the material down and from getting snagged to get the belt off. It’s gotten annoying enough that I am needing a new belt but after seeing these get a max life of about 2 or 2-1/2 years max with just normal daily wear, I’m wondering if I should get a new strap or just scrap the whole thing and try another brand.

Hello, We understand your concerns and want you to know we take them seriously. We are committed to providing the highest quality products, so when we hear about issues like this, we want to make sure you are taken care of and that we can thoroughly investigate. To assist you, we would like to warranty this item. To start your process, please forward all necessary information below to today!1. A picture of the front of the strap or buckle (so we can identify the item).2. A picture showing the defective area3. A picture of the underside of the strap (This provides the lot # and assists in cause & corrective action, or a photo of the strap's lot number.) 4. Date of purchase5. Your contact information; Name, Address, & Telephone #-Team Nexbelt Operating Inc.Questions or concerns? Contact | Based in California1229 Railroad Street, Corona, California 92882

Excellent product

Great, always come out tight coiled. Can be a little tough to hold flat while trimming size.

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