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Nexbelt NRA Show 2022 - Cool Fire Trainer
Cool Fire Trainer With Nexbelt Check out our interview with Cool Fire Trainer at this years NRA Show.  Cool Fire Trainer: Experience the training benefit of realistic recoil and action reset by using our CoolFire Trainer conversion barrel in your real...
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Concealed Carry Options For Women
A recent Harvard University study indicates female firearm ownership surged in recent years and millions want to know the best way for women to conceal carry. Research data demonstrates that 42 percent of American gun owners are women, and 3.5...
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Man with belt, white shirt, and blue dress pants
What about when it’s time to sport a suit for a special or professional occasion? Are your casual belts good enough? You don’t want to be self-conscious during an event, wondering if your belt stands out in all the wrong ways.
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