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Article: Women Wearing Gun Belts the Right Way

Women Wearing Gun Belts the Right Way

Women Wearing Gun Belts the Right Way


Wearing a great gun belt the wrong way can be bad. Wearing an average fashion belt while carrying a gun can be even worse. Besides potential embarrassment, a gun belt worn improperly can cost you both comfort and safety.

When a fashion belt is used instead of a gun belt, the weight of the gun can make the belt sag or fold outwards away from the body. This can cause the waistband of the pants to be dragged down, and the holster with gun to shift, slip, or even fall completely. Obviously as a gun owner who carries, this cannot happen. Your chief responsibility is securing your firearm and maintaining control of it in a manner that those around you are safe and not put in harm’s way. This requires both the right gun belt and the correct method of wearing said belt and holster. In this article, we will tell you how to do both.

Selecting the Right Gun Belt

Sadly, your everyday, run of the mill fashion or dress belts just won’t cut it when it comes to carrying a gun. While they can be less expensive, they tend to lack proper reinforcement, leading to the previously mentioned sagging issues, and later needing to pay more for a stronger belt. As the saying goes; “buy once, cry once!”

Additionally, despite what many in the industry will tell you, choosing a leather over a nylon option is mostly up to your personal preferences. Both leather and nylon belts are great options as long as they have enough rigidity to hold the weight of all your gear.

You should know however, that a nylon EDC belt may look  more “tactical” and call more attention to you as a gun owner than a more standard looking leather option. Luckily, Nexbelt has options for both preferences whether you are dressed to impress or on the range having a blast.


How to Wear Gun Belts for Women

Get the Right Size

The first factor in wearing a gun belt correctly comes down to proper sizing. While our ratchet belts are perfectly suited to fit just about any size waist, holsters need to be properly vetted. The most commonly used belt width is 1.5 inches, and many holsters are designed accordingly. However, if your favorite holster is fit for a 2-inch belt, you will want to adjust accordingly to prevent the holster from shifting or moving on your waist. Choosing the correct size belt for your needs helps to increase the safety of both yourself and those around you while carrying.

Comfortable, Yet Tight

We understand that an extremely tight belt isn’t comfortable for anyone. However, loosening your belt for the sake of comfort can be dangerous. A loose gun belt can cause the same issues as a belt that doesn’t fit your holster. While comfortable, that loose set up will allow your gun to sag or fold outward on the belt, adding unnecessary wear and tear, not to mention creating the potential for a serious accident.

One advantage of the ratchet belt system is its ability to provide a comfortable yet tight fit day after day, regardless of changes in the body, your attire, or the gear you decide to carry.

Match Your Style

This next gun belt wearing tip will depend on your personal preference and personality. Unfortunately, the firearms industry provides few options for the female shooter at this time. That’s where Nexbelt comes in. Nexbelt has both unisex and female specific designs to provide not only security for carrying any firearm but also a stylish belt to fit with any fashion choice.

When exercising the right to carry many people prefer a belt that blends in with their clothing so as not to broadcast that they are carrying a firearm. The best way to do this is to wear a belt that matches your clothing closely. If you wear your gun frequently, consider purchasing a few different belt options so you are ready to fly under the radar no matter which outfit you choose.

Consider the Differences Between OWB & IWB Holsters

Both Outside the Waistband (OWB) and Inside the Waistband (IWB) holsters are great options to pair with your gun belt for secure carry. Typically, OWB holsters are carried on the hip or on the small of the back & IWB holsters can be carried on the hip, in the appendix position (in front/belly area), and on the small of the back. IWB is primarily used for concealed carry while OWB is commonly used for both concealed carry or open carry.

Choosing a holster depends greatly on your preferred carry position (hip, back, appendix), intended purpose (concealed/open carry, competition, duty, etc.) and your comfort with said holster. Once you answer those questions you will find it much easier to choose a good holster for you.   

Why Nexbelt EDC Belts Are the Best Gun Belts for Women

If you’re looking for your next quality gun belt, Nexbelt has a wide range of options. With some of the most versatile options available, Nexbelt gun belts offer the following benefits for the female shooter:

  • The ability to adjust belt size as little as 1/4″ at a time for a custom fit every time you wear it
  • Cut the belt strap down to your personal size, no need to buy a belt with general sizing (Sm., Med, Lrg.)
  • Buckle is easily adjusted to match your comfort level as it fluctuates throughout the day
  • High-quality belt material to keep your firearm secure & in place
  • Fashionable options to fit seamlessly into any of your style choices
  • No-stress buying!

Once you have a Nexbelt EDC belt, you’ll never want another belt ever again. Visit our online store today to browse our products or contact our team with any further inquiries. From golf belts to gun belts and everything in between, we’re here to support you and your active lifestyle.

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