What Size Belt to Buy for Women

What size to belt to buy women's

A belt is not just a utilitarian add-on, it is a statement piece. A belt brings completion to your wardrobe selections and ties your whole look together. Women Primarily wear the belts in two specific ways: they are worn on the hips, in a traditional manner, or secondly, they are worn around the waist as an accent piece to slim the torso and complete a look. 

So how does a woman find the perfect belt size for her? Or, if you are buying a belt for a woman in your life, how can you know what size to purchase for her? When you are shopping in a store, you can easily find the belt size you need by taking this one off the display piece and wrapping the belt around your hips or waist. When you are purchasing a belt for yourself online or purchasing a belt for a loved one, you may experience some difficulty in finding the right belt size. We are here to help!

Hip Belts: 

If you are in the market for a belt you plan to wear on your hips, then you have a few things to consider. Generally, the best way to identify your belt size is to add 2 inches to your waist size. For example, if you were a 30" waist in your pants, then you would wear a 32" belt. If you happened to measure an odd number for example, 31", then you simply round up to the nearest even number, so 32". Then you add the two inches for your belt size. So, if you measure your hips at a 31" then you will need a 34" belt. 

If you prefer to wear your belt lower, for example, below your hips, you should consider adding three or four inches to your pants size. 

When you are shopping for a Nexbelt, you will find the size charts below to be helpful. Our PreciseFit ratchet belt fits up to 40" waist! 

Belt Size:
Your measurements in Inches:
XS :
26, 28, 30 24, 26, 28
S: 28, 30, 32 26, 28, 30
M: 32, 34, 36 30, 32, 34
L: 36, 38, 40 34, 36, 38

High Waist Belts: 

The principles discussed in the section above still apply. Rather than measuring at your hips, you will measure your waist by running the measuring tape through the belt loop of your high waisted jeans. This number will be smaller than your hip measurements, and that is ok if you want to use this belt solely for your waist. Our Dakota belts are perfect for this trendy look. 

Do you need a belt for your hips and your waist?

Are you currently trying to figure out if you need to order several belts because you like both styles? Nexbelt has the perfect solution! You can meet both needs with just one belt. 

Because of our Precisefit™ ratchet technology, you can order one belt and wear it several ways. 

As if finding out you you can wear one belt for multiple styles isn't already great news, we can also offer you quality and sustainability. How do we do this? Our belts are holes less. You will have your notches strained by the tension that comes from being worn multiple ways. 

Are you ready for style and ease?

Our vision is to: Deliver what we promise with integrity. Retain the human touch. Invest in good people generously. Value our customer unconditionally. Embrace change with innovation. 

We take this seriously - integrity, the human touch, valuing our customers and innovation are all the driving force behind this exciting belt technology! If you are ready to find one-size does fit all belt, click here  to see our stylish inventory. 

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