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Article: What Makes a Good Gun Belt?

Man wearing a gun belt

What Makes a Good Gun Belt?

What Makes a Good Gun Belt?

What is an EDC Belt?

What exactly is an “EDC” belt? In the world of protective weapon accessories, an “EDC” belt refers to an (e)very (d)ay (c)arry belt. This is the type of belt you might wear on a day to day basis, carrying your firearm  either concealed or openly. You should expect an EDC belt to meet your typically daily needs and really be able to, generally speaking, do it all.

Do I Need an EDC Belt for my Firearm?

Whether you need an EDC belt depends on whether or not you ever want to carry your  firearm around with you. If you ever have the need or desire to carry a gun, a belt is always a good idea. It keeps your firearm secure, close to your person, and accessible to you only – not others. Just because you may not carry your firearm  every day doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from an EDC belt. Rather, EDC belts are meant to be the perfect belt for most purposes; resistant to daily wear and tear; perfect for almost any situation; comfortable; and durable for decades.

What Makes a Good Gun Belt for Everyday Carry?

  1. The Ability to Hold the Weight you Carry Day to Day

You should never have to use a gun belt that can’t reliably hold your gear. A belt without that ability defeats the purpose of wearing a belt entirely. At NexBelt, our EDC belts are specifically designed with this functionality in mind. Our belts are built to really take the weight of your gear and shake it off like it’s not even there. A gun belt that is built tough allows you to carry your protection with confidence and style. NexBelt EDC belts can carry over 20 pounds of tactical equipment, so you never have to be without your gun, ammunition, and other supporting materials.

  1. The Right Width for Your Lifestyle and Preference

Many concealed carry belts come in three standard widths: 1.25 inches, 1.5 inches, and 1.75 inches. Which belt width for an everyday carry belt is perfect for you comes down to personal preference. What kind of carrier are you? Do you typically wear your belt with office clothes while navigating public transportation, or are you carrying your protective weapon on long hikes through off-road terrain?

The 1.25 Inch Belt:

For those who typically wear their every day carry belt with slacks or a more office / professional look, the slimmer, 1.25 inch every day carry belt really looks the part without sacrificing on functionality. Your 1.25 inch NexBelt is  reinforced with a stiff liner  to handle the weight of your firearm while seeming unassuming. These belts are also ideal for guns with a lesser weight.

The 1.5 Inch Belt:

The “happy medium,” a 1.5 inch every day carry belt is the way to go when you need the support of a taller belt for a heavy protective weapon, but the ability to maintain style with everyday outfits. 1.5 inches represents the general standard for men’s belt widths, so you won’t raise any eyebrows with a taller  than average belt size. These belts are great for concealed carry, which is important when you may want to blend in. This is also the average belt height  for an EDC belt, so if you select a 1.5 inch belt, you’ll be in great company.

The 1.75 Inch Belt:

Are you carrying a heavy protective weapon, ammunition, and other tactical equipment? If so, you may lean toward a taller and stiffer  belt, such as the upcoming 1.75 inch every day carry belt NTAC-45 by NexBelt.  The 1.75 inch EDC belt supports any size personal protective weapon. A note about these belts, however: keep in mind, when purchasing pants, that they are fitted with wide enough belt loops to accommodate a serious EDC belt. As 1.5 is the standard men’s belt width, many casual and professional pants will not accommodate a wider tactical belt. This problem arises less often with serious hiking gear and military style suiting. Also, make sure your gun’s holster is designed for a 1.75 inch belt, as well.

  1. Tough Construction with Heavy Duty Materials

Your concealed carry belt should be as tough as you are. That’s why NexBelt designs every day carry belts with solid materials that offer extra support. The last thing you want in an everyday carry belt is a belt that sags and twists the holster of your gun. Sagging and twisting can pose major problems in situations where you need to conceal your weapon like slowing down your draw or revealing to others that you are carrying a firearm. 

No matter what NexBelt material you select for your everyday carry belt, you can be sure you’ve chosen a high quality material and an item built with durable construction. We use stainless steel set screws in the construction of our belts, and not cheap pins like other manufacturers. Pins can back out over time.

Our Titan BD PreciseFit EDC Belt, designed to fit up to a 50 inch waist, is crafted from super-high density microfiber material composed of ultra-fine polyester fibers. This allows for the stiffness required for holstering your protection device if you have a CCW permit, or even just your everyday tools. An added bonus - this ratchet belt with sweat-resistant backing also makes a great work belt.

If you’re looking for a sleeker, office friendly option, our Bond Black EDC belt is as smooth as it is sturdy. The Bond belt features a stiff black leather strap designed to take on the extra weight of a protection device and fit up to 50-inch waist. This belt won't rollover, and the stainless steel hex screws hold the buckle together reliably.

Choosing the Perfect EDC Belt for You:

Looking for the perfect belt for everyday carry? NexBelt’s EDC Belt Collection offers a variety of designs and materials to choose from, with tough construction a staple in each item. NexBelt is confident you’ll love your new belt, and we’re proud to offer free shipping, comprehensive customer support, and a 30-day return policy.

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