Are Ratchet Belts Good & How Do I Use One?

Are Ratchet Belts Good & How Do I Use One?

A Nexbelt ratchet belt is so simple to use, once you understand the concept around it. Describing how it works is hard to understand. So a visual demonstration is the best way to understand. We’ve created a video for you to see to understand better how it works:

Once you know how the concept works, you’ll be able to understand how to use it. You’ll never go back to a regular belt. You’ll enjoy the adjustability in ¼” increments which leads to a comfortable fit. And you’ll appreciate the ability to adjust on the fly for a better fit discreetly. If you’re still not sure if the belt is for you because it seems complicated, keep in mind that there are people out there with disabilities with their hands that speaks of how easy it is to wear in their daily lives. For others though putting on a belt can be a challenge with an injury to a hand. We had a customer write to us and described how he has benefitted from wearing a Nexbelt.

I’ll let Arvel tell why he’s so happy with Nexbelt:

“I have purchased several different brands and styles of CCW belts and have never really been happy with anyone in particular especially for all around every day any purpose belt until now. Plus I recently shattered my left wrist and had a steel plate put in and am still recovering from that. I have worn one of the two Nexbelts every day since receiving them. I need no other belts now; I don’t even need assistance from my wife put it on with my bad wrist. Great price for a very great product!”

It’s good to know that people with one bad hand can still put on our belts. There are a lot of people out there with arthritis of the hands that have problems putting on a belt. If you’re one of them and are already a Nexbelt, and have little problems in using our belts, we’d love to hear from you.

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