Why a Nexbelt PreciseFit™ Gun belt over a Pin Buckle belt when carrying your firearms?

Adjustability: We adjust in ¼” adjustments while pin buckles offer only 1” increments. See figure A. You can find your comfort zone throughout the day between meals and bathroom breaks. Times that you’ve taken for granted such as sitting in your car or your office at work can be made more comfortable by backing off a couple of notches. The same belt can be used whether you’re wearing your firearm OWB or IWB without any marks on the belt strap.              

Looks: Most Pin Buckle gun belts look great with jeans but put them on dress slacks or a suit and they stand out telling others you’re concealing  - and that’s not the point. Rigger belts and nylon belts as such share the same traits – they stick out like sore thumbs. Because this is about concealment and Nexbelt has a line of belts that fit your wardrobe needs because it blends right in. We have leather belts that will look great when you want to be in a comfortable pair of jeans or dress up for the occasion with slacks. And our nylon belts finds the middle ground between the tactical and the casual look. So whether you’re concealing or in the open carry State – we have a belt that fits your style.  See figure B

Durability: Both types of belts are durable, but the minute you switch size on a pin buckle because you’ve gained or lost weight or switch concealment style from OWB to IWB, you’ll leave marks on the belt. And the pressure of your waist will leave indentations on your Pin Buckle strap. See figure C. Nexbelt’s strap face will look like new after years of use because the ratchet technology does not put pressure on the straps face.

Why Nexbelt PreciseFit™Gunbelt over other ratchet belts?

Purpose: Our gunbelts are explicitly designed for carrying a firearm. They are specifically designed to resist folding over from the weight of a gun. See figure D.

Quality materials: Starting with the nylon teeth which is one of the keys to our design, we manufacture our teeth while all others buy from the wholesale market where quality is unknown, and the price is the only driving force in the buying decisions. We also use better leathers and nylons to withstand the wear and tear of using carrying a firearm. See figure E

Design: We designed the clasp for holding strength and back it up with 2 set screws for additional grip which allows for superior reliability and hold. See figure F.

Construction: We are the only manufacturer in the world that uses stainless steel hex screws to secure the components of the buckle. All others use pins that may back out over time. It cost us more in molds and labor, but the security it offers justifies the expense. See figure G.


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