Nexbelt Gun Belt Unboxing and Setup

Since we launched our MAX IWB concealed carry holster that uses belt clips we wanted to recommend some reliable gun belts. Nexbelts sent us this test and evaluation sample. In the box you will find the belt strap, the belt buckle, some set screws, an Allen wrench and setup instructions. Nexbelt recommends cutting the strap at the inch mark that is two sizes larger than your pants size. Once you cut the belt strap insert it into the buckle on the clamp end and clamp it down. Next you will insert and tighten down two set screws that came with the Nexbelt. It’s as simple as that. We will let you know how this concealed carry gun belt holds up and functions over time. As always, Thankyou for making the choice to defend yourself and those you love. God bless you and yours.