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Article: Everything You Should Know About Leather Belts for Men: Nexbelt’s Ultimate Style & Care Guide

leather belts for men

Everything You Should Know About Leather Belts for Men: Nexbelt’s Ultimate Style & Care Guide

leather belts for men


A staple of nearly every man’s closet, leather belts can be worn with almost any outfit and come in different styles for everyone to enjoy. When looking for the best leather belts for men, you want to be sure you’re getting the quality leather, the most comfortable fit, and style that’s as durable as it is fashionable.

At Nexbelt, we want you to be fully informed when you are shopping for your next belt. So, we’ve come together with our industry experts to provide the only belt guide you’ll ever need to shop shrewdly, choose the best options for your style, and avoid being hit below the belt when making your next purchase. Read on to get started!


The Different Leather Belt Types for Men

All leather belts are created equal, right? Wrong.

There are many types of leather belts available. Each is a great addition to any wardrobe depending on your needs and fashion-sense. The three main categories you can browse from when finding your perfect belt are: dress belts, casual or work belts, and hunting or outdoor styles.

leather belts for men

First up, we have dress belts; these are typically designed to fit more professionally and neatly than casual belts. With a narrower and dressier look, these belts are designed for long lasting durability in professional settings. Since they're designed for the office, you may not need to worry about getting one that's waterproof or stain resistant if you work a 9-5 job.

It's important to note your dress belts should always match the color of your shoes. Likely, this means your needs will be met with black and a few different shades of brown.

Casual or work belts are worn with jeans or shorts and are designed to have a more relaxed appearance. Typically, this means the belts have a longer tail but still retain their high quality functionality for everyday use.

Outdoor or tactical style belts are great for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds: hunters, fishermen, campers, golfers, and more. The belts are made with thicker, more durable leather and often include extras like buckles to attach gear.


How to Choose the Right Leather Belts for You

As you wrestle to find the best quality leather belts, how can you be sure you are winning the championship belt? Since leather comes in many different grades, colors, and thicknesses, the choices can become overwhelming quickly.

Usually, it is not easy to find a quality belt that will last you years with proper care and use. Although, if you know what to look for, that seemingly daunting process can be made much easier. At Nexbelt, we offer a variety of choices in terms of price point and leather styles; from full grain to bonded and split leather each material offers a wide variety of benefits and ensures you are receiving a quality, dependable product no matter which option you choose.

Full Grain Leather:

Offering the highest degree of strength and durability, full-grain leather is also more breathable than other types of leather. These belts are designed to be the perfect hybrid of comfort and quality to give you the ultimate leather belt that will last for years.

Bonded Leather:

Bonded leather allows us to create smooth, perfect finishes in a wide variety of colors which would not be possible with real leather. It is also much more affordable than flawed, full-grain leather products.

Split Leather:

With densely packed fibers locked together, split leather has a high level of resistance to abrasion, making it one of the more durable leather types on the market. Split leather also has incredible flexibility compared to full-grain leather, making it a more comfortable option for every-day belts.


How to Clean a Leather Belt

There are many ways to clean your leather belt, but we do not recommend regular soap because the acidity can damage leather. 

Instead try:

  • Damp Cloth: Wring out the excess water, as water will damage leather. Using a damp cloth, rub the belt evenly to avoid water spots. Allow to dry.
  • Rubbing Alcohol: Dampen a cotton swab with alcohol, carefully dab the stain to avoid spreading the stain, do not rub.
  • Saddle Soap: Dampen a cloth, apply a small amount to your cloth, rub the cloth with the Saddle soap evenly on the belt. Use another water dampened cloth (wring well) to wipe the entire belt evenly.


Problems with Standard Leather Belts

Traditional notch belts have certainly held their place in human history, but one of the classic problems with standard leather belts is the loss in quality over time.  The notch becomes stretched and warped the more you wear it, and the quality of the entire belt suffers. Additionally, the standard leather belt can only be adjusted notch by notch – nearly an inch at a time.  If you experience weight fluctuation, then you may need a new belt.  Even more frustrating, you cannot easily make an adjustment to your belt size without excusing yourself to the men’s room to undo the entire buckle.


Advantages of Ratchet or Track Style Leather Belts

best leather belt for men

There are many advantages to shopping at Nexbelt for a ratchet or track style belts and we don’t just mean our incredible rewards program. Our ratchet or track style leather belts permit you to make easy and quick adjustments. Further, if you have been hitting the gym and lost weight, you can simply cut your Nexbelt to another 4-inch margin longer than your new pant size. It is rare you will need to purchase a replacement as the ratchet style allows for precise sizing to match your waistline perfectly.


How to Size a Leather Belt

One question customers often have is about how they should size their leather belts.  We understand this can be a challenge, especially when shopping online.

Generally, when a man is shopping for a belt, a good rule of thumb is to consider the man’s pant size, and then add 2- to 4-inches.  For example, if you are shopping for a belt, and you wear a size 34 pant, then you will look for a size 36-38 belt. However, this issue solves itself when you wear a ratchet style belt.

At Nexbelt, our dress and golf belts are precut for up to 45 inches, so they can secure up to a 43 inch waist. Our gun belts are precut to 50 inches, and we recommend a 4” addition to fit a 46 inch waist. We also provide XL belts up to 67 inches to ensure a fit for a 65 inch waist.  Once your Nexbelt arrives, you then simply cut the belt approximately 4-inches longer than your pant size and adjust the buckle to the exact right positioning for your needs.


Why Nexbelt Men’s Leather Belts Have the Best Fit

Nexbelt’s leather belts have the best fit because they are designed to be tailored to you as an individual.  The belts arrive at a precut size, then you cut it to fit your comfort, and further still, because of the ratchet design, you can make minimal adjustments depending on the day.   

You are now a notch above most contemporary belt shoppers. Click here to see our selection of men’s leather belts to see how they “hold up” against traditional belts.

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