Fashion Meets Functionality

When one thinks of the game of Golf two things come to mind, the equipment and the fashion. Golf is one sport that does not require a uniform so the participants tend to be very fashion conscious. Nexbelt has blurred the line between fashion and equipment. With its innovative Go-In Series with its hidden ball marker in the buckle, some consider it to be equipment while others sees it as high fashion. We see it as a winning combination of convenience designed to enhance a person’s wardrobe.

When choosing the right ball maker there are a couple of things to take into consideration. The overall size of the marker and how convenient to use. The Nexbelt Golf Series belts have an attractive traditional sized ball marker that fits in the buckle of the belt for easy access. With a flip of the buckle face the golfer has quick access to the marker. No more digging deep in the front pockets searching for your marker. How many times have you reached in and got stabbed by the tees? With Nexbelt’s innovative and convenient design, your ball marker is always close by while stylishly hidden.

We all know how important the right fashion choice is for a Golfer. With Nexbelt, we’ve marriaged style and functionality. With almost 40 Go-In designs to choose from, you will always have a belt to match your style.


Tom Hunsucker
Tom Hunsucker