Dreams can come true

Dreams can come true

Seven years ago when we started Nexbelt – we had great aspirations of being the best golf belt manufacturer. We wanted the world to know what great products we had. We focused on the golfing side because it was our passion – especially my partner Eddie. We dreamt of having great players wearing our belts.

We’ve steadily have gained players that endorse us like Kevin Na, Marc Leishman and William McGirt. And many more that wear our belts on the PGA Tour.

We’re a small mom and pop company with aspirations of being a large mom and pop company. We wanted to be the mouse that roared.

And the day recently came. The President’s Cup asked us to design belts for the USA team. What an amazing honor! To see our golfing heroes we grew up emulating their playing style and their fashion sense - wearing our belts was a dream come true even though it was only for those four glorious days. To see stalwarts like Phil, and Tiger with upcoming legends like Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler wear our belts was such a great honor. We graciously thank their sponsors Nike and Addidas and others for allowing us to borrow them for the few days and helping us fulfill a little of our dreams. We didn’t roar that day but we sure did giggle like little boys. Dreams can come true.

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