Big and Tall Belts

We’re very proud to be the first company to provide Big and Tall belts. It was much more than making a strap that was longer and call it an XL. We had to take the time to do it right and it started with our regular belts.

We had to redesign our entire buckle line because in the long run, it also benefitted the regular Nexbelt customer.

To make big men’s belts:

Firstly, we had to make sure the buckles were reinforced.  Pins had been known to back out and with the extra girth on a big and tall guy, there would be more stress. This meant replacing the pins that held the buckle parts together with stainless steel set screws. This made for a robust, reliable buckle.

Secondly, we enlarged the clasp that clamps down on the belt strap by increasing the quantity of teeth and surface grab it offered. This allowed for a stronger and lasting hold.

Thirdly, we wanted the strap to last so we reinforced the strap to take on the increased pressure and weight. We did this without making the strap thicker, because thicker is not always the answer.

Lastly, to make it fit better and give it more adjustability, we also lengthened our nylon teeth strip from 8” to 12”.

And of course, we lengthened the strap to fit up to a 67” pants size. And with our patented scaling system, customers can easily find their size and cut accordingly to get that precise fit.

The totality of these changes has made for the most comfortable large men’s belts on the market today. And it will have the benefit of the front surface of the strap looking new instead of looking beat up after a few wears.

We’re offering a black and brown version of our Classic Black and Espresso. Click on this link to see our XL belts.