Belt Matching 101

Belt Matching 101

In fashion there are always rule of thumbs to go by. Don’t wear white after September. On a two-button jacket, never button the bottom button. And never wear suspenders and a belt at the same time.  The latter I tend to see when a guy has a huge belly. I figured he needs all the structural support he can get – much like a bridge.

Speaking of belts there is another rule of thumb for men and may apply to women – you should match the belt color strap to your shoes.  This is simple when you’re dealing with black or white. Browns are a lot harder since there can be so many shades of browns. My suggestion is to get as close to the hew as possible. No sense in agonizing over it. For the anal rententive person who has to have it just right (I’m calling you out Rob) some high end dress shoe companies are making shoes and belts with the same leather and the match is nearly perfect.  Look to spend a minimum of $500 for the set. For the guy with money to play with – this can be a form of fashion heaven.

Did you know there is a point system in wearing a belt? Most people don’t know this. If you match your belt to your shirt and pants,give yourself a point. Match it to your shoes, you just scored 2 points. A chronophile would know this next one – if you match your belt to your shoes and your watch-band, that would be 3 points. Jordan Speith the golfer recommends matching the belt, shoes and hat, which would also be 3 points. Four points if you nail the belt, shoes, watch, and hat combination.

It’s a fun game to play. Just don’t overthink it and have fun. Look around and see how many points you see.

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