Go-In Carbon White Golf Belts
Go-In Carbon White Golf Belts
Go-In Carbon White Golf Belts
Go-In Carbon White Golf Belts
Go-In Carbon White Golf Belts
Go-In Carbon White Golf Belts
Go-In Carbon White Golf Belts

Go-In Carbon White Golf Belts


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  • PreciseFit™ up to 45" waist
  • Golf belt White carbon fiber pattern leather strap with white stitching
  • Buckle has matching leather face with a chrome trim
  • Face flips down to reveal hidden X marker
  • Buckle size 1 5/8” x 2 5/16” – Belt strap width is 1 3/8”

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  • Can Nextbelt's fit kids or can it not be made that small?

    Hi T - It can fit kids. Our scale ends at 25" but using a ruler, you can mark 1" increments on there to show your position. To make the belt last longer as the child grows, we suggest cutting the belt so the pawl (the metal claw that touches the nylon teeth) is touching the end of the teeth strip. The end of the belt will wrap around the waist to the side loop of their pants but it will still look good. As they grow, they can adjust accordingly.  

  • Hi there, I have a Go In white belt and just looking to replace the belt as the buckle is still like new. Can I just purchase the belt separately?

    Hi Jesse - you sure can here's the link to our seperates:

  • hi- what does EDC stand for?

    Hi Dennis - EDC stands for Every Day Carry. It applies to people like police detectives who have to wear a gun to work everyday and they need a belt that can stand up to the stress of carrying weight every day. By adding the set screws to the clasp, it allows the belt a stronger and secure hold.

  • where are the belt manufacturer?

    Hi Frank - like all ratchet belts they're made off shore. The difference between our company and others is that you will find is that you're buying from a warehouse that just grab the product and ships it. It's the new economy where offshore companies are setting up products on Amazon and you're buying directly from them. Not all of our products are readily assembled. We do some assembly here and we do 90% of the customization here in the States. So we're not just grabbing products and shipping them. We assemble and build. We've spent over $150K on lasers and color printers in the last 4 years from American companies just to give an idea how we invest back. When you buy from us, you're supporting 20 tax paying Americans - plus you're getting the best built belt out there. If you upgrade to the Rowland Thomas line, we import those Italian leathers and have them made in the U.S. They're pricier because of the cost of the leathers and having them shipped here and the labor cost in the U.S.