Nexbelt Belt Supreme Appendix Black
Nexbelt Belt EDC Appendix Black
Nexbelt Belt Supreme Appendix Black
Nexbelt Belt Supreme Appendix Black
Nexbelt Belt Supreme Appendix Black

Supreme Appendix Black

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We designed a belt for the Appendix wearer. By making the smallest buckle out there, it frees up precious space in front for you to carry your firearm and extra magazines. Its diminutive buckle is sized 1"x1.5" and can be worn front center, left hip or hidden in near the curve of the back. It is still the most comfortable belt you'll own. And with the new push button trigger, release is quick and easy - only when you want to. The buckle also has a special surface which allows you to file your finger nails!

  • Shipped in a camo travel bag!


  • Textured Nickle
  • The clasp has 2 set screws to give a more reliable hold than just a clasp alone (a Nexbelt exclusive)
  • Constructed using stainless steel set screws and not pins for a reliable hold (patent pending)
  • Belt Buckle size 1" x 1.5"
  • Nylon strap fits up 50" waist


  • Our nylon straps are made from a super-high density microfiber material that is an advanced composite of ultra-fine polyester fibers. This allows the stiffness required for holstering your sidearm if you have CCW permit or just your everyday tools. This ratchet belt makes a great work belt also.
  • NEW! The tip of the strap now has a leather stitch to prevent from fraying.
  • Backing is sweat resistant
  • Strap thickness near 3/16"
  • Strap width is 1 3/8.”


Ask a Question
  • Will any of the Nexbelt Men’s Casual straps fit this buckle?

    All of our buckles are interchangable with all of our straps. If it's a Nexblet buckle it will fit.

  • You mentioned you can file your fingernails on the buckle, does that mean it is very rough? Thanks

    Monring Zee - It's a very light texture - kind of smooth but has a texture. We did so to make it more scratch resistant. It is not rough like a nail file. It just so happens to be able to do your nails with it. Unfortunately it's not rough enough to light a match... Tom