Nexbelt Story

May 22, 2015

I truly believe in passion, no matter what it is that you do, do it with passion. I started a business in 1994 with my Wife and brother-in-law Tom Hunsucker called Extreme Custom Trailers. At the time, my passion was boating and watersports. My father has always had a passion for racing speed boats and did so for many years until an opportunity arose for him to purchase a boat dealership in Corona, California. With that, an opportunity arose for me to supply him boat trailers. The business flourished for about 13 years and we sold the business in 2007. I have had a passion for golf and fashion since I was about 10/15 respectively years old however I never got to play as much as I wanted to because it was too expensive and it took up so much time. After the sale of Extreme, I had the time and the money to play golf as much as I wanted. I should also mention that I am “Gadget Guy”.

In 2009, I was on a family vacation in Vietnam and I came across a belt that didn’t have any holes on a souvenir table near a jungle, literally. I was intrigued by its design, so much so that when I got back to the USA, I immediately got on the internet to try and locate these belts in the USA. After several hours of searching, I wasn’t able to come up with anything I liked. The belt I had bought had several flaws and the quality was very poor. Tom and I knew we could make it better. I had a contact in China that helped me source a belt/buckle supplier and we got on a plane and flew to China to meet with the Buckle factory and that is when we designed Nexbelt.

Our first sale was in 2011 for a Member guest golf tournament at Red Hill Country Club in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. called “The Champagne”. This is where we unveiled the now patented, Go-In golf Series belt with hidden ball marker. We knew immediately after this event that the belt was going to be a huge success. What we didn’t know is how hard it would be to pierce such a competitive marketplace, “The Golf Industry”…We spoke to as many people as we could to try and gain knowledge about the industry and how to create new sales across the country. We were referred to Ron Noelting of The Luxe Group LLC and Ron suggested that we attend The PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. We took the advice along with some other good suggestions and the rest is history. We currently have several patents pending on many designs for buckles and belts as well as guitar straps. Nexbelt started as golf belt and has quickly become a belt for all occasions. Our Essential line of belts offers a belt for everyone to wear every day and they can be found on line as well as quality retail stores.We are in more than 3000 golf clubs worldwide and have many distributors/wholesalers all over the world. The best part about it is that we travel for business to the beautiful clubs and play some golf along the way.

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Eddie Rowland

CEO, Nexbelt LLC