Nexbelt Gun Belt Fits up to 50" waist / Brown NEW EDC Bond Brown Gun Belt
Nexbelt Gun Belt Fits up to 50" waist / Brown NEW EDC Bond Brown Gun Belt
Nexbelt Gun Belt Fits up to 50" waist / Brown NEW EDC Bond Brown Gun Belt
Nexbelt Gun Belt Fits up to 50" waist / Brown NEW EDC Bond Brown Gun Belt
Nexbelt Gun Belt Fits up to 50" waist / Brown NEW EDC Bond Brown Gun Belt
Nexbelt Gun Belt Fits up to 50" waist / Brown NEW EDC Bond Brown Gun Belt

EDC Bond Brown Gun Belt



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When you’re doing conceal and carry – the last thing you want to get out with a belt that says you’re carrying. Our new Bond belt is designed for the business professional whose dress attire is a suit. Whether you're a lawyer, detective, doctor or body guard, rest assured this is the most comfortable, beautifully crafted ratchet gun belt out there today.

  • Shipped in a camo travel bag!
  • Stiff brown leather strap to take on the extra weight of a gun fits up to 50” waist - won't roll over
  • Strap backing is made of nylon to resist sweat from penetrating the outer belt surface
  • Stainless hex screws hold the buckle together replacing pins – patent pending
  • Buckle clasp has set screws for extra secure hold
  • Magnet based trigger for longer life
  • Buckle size 1 5/8” x 2 5/16” – Belt strap width is 1 3/8”

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    Great product

    Website is very user friendly and provides significant information about the product. Purchase was simple through website and delivery was prompt and earlier than estimated. Product itself is of great quality and appears to be well manufactured. Sizing and adjustments are simple to perform and so far holding up well with holster and radio being attached to it. Appears to be durable and professional looking. The buckle design and adjustability of it is above expectations, great product.

    Jason W.
    United States

    One of the best EDC CCW belts there is

    This is not a tactical looking belt at all. I wear it every day, and I have two colors, and will definitely buy more to wear to work. It is COMPLETELY professional looking, with no giveaways that it's a "gun belt". I've received compliments on how nice it looks. It makes carrying CCW a cinch, literally. If I need to go in an NPE like the courthouse, I can easily remove my mag carrier and pistol and be ready to go in, in literally under 10 seconds. I've been carrying Appendix IWB for over 13 years, since the most controversial gunfighter training Taipan in the world brought it out of the history books and reintroduced it to the public in 2006. You all know who he is. I've also had fluctuating weight due to multiple spinal surgeries (no more olympic lifting or pretty much anything for that matter), and adjusting the belt when my girth changes is very easy. On this matter, it's also superior to any other kind of belt in general for an issue such as weight gain/loss where you're yo-yo'ing up and down in the LB's...that means I was a fat *** and then I became a sinewy symbol of universal *** appeal like Charlton Heston in his prime, and then I went back to being a fat ***. A normal belt stretches as you sit and wear it over time. This belt has full grain leather on the front, and as I said it's indistinguishable from any other professional looking business casual belt. But other belts with holes in them always end up getting stretched, and have a definitive mark if you've lost weight or gained weight, where the buckle is pressed into the leather causing an indentation. With Nexbelt, you just click up or down in 1/4 size increments, and never get ****** comments from people like "wow, you look like you lost some weight". I also don't see this belt stretching....ever. Most importantly, it's rock solid for carrying a full size gat. I've had Ares gear, Sneaky Belts, Blue Alpha Gear, 5.11, Wilderness, and all the other cool guy belts.The Nexbelt EDC is the belt I use every day including weekends where I'm not outside getting immersed in some kind of water. As a final note, I had a problem with a belt given as a gift, that was cut too short. Nexbelt went above and beyond to ensure that problem was fixed, so I can't say enough about their warranty. I received a completely different result than I'm used to, and have to say "Thank You" to Nexbelt's customer service team. The response was what you'd expect from a company like Wilson Combat or Nighthawk, or Mercedes, or Land Rover (as long as the Mercedes and Land Rover are in warranty ). Great cost, great appearance, completely solid yet comfortable, and overall a great product. Also, it's great for going through TSA, because you can zip it on and off in a matter of seconds. I know this is a long review, but I will say that for someone who is a serious CCW EDC, or carries a lot of gear but doesn't want to look like a "Deadly Tedly" or isn't wearing a shirt that says "MOLON *****!!!" , Nexbelt is probably your next CCW belt that you can wear all the time.


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