Supreme Appendix Belt - comfort and utility

Supreme Appendix Belt - comfort and utility



A lot of firearm enthusiasts have been going to the appendix carry style in the last few years. People choose it because it allows quicker access to their firearms. It’s not for everyone – if you have a gut, that won’t work. If you’re the faint of heart and remember the old tv series, Get Smart you’ll understand what I’m saying – “missed me by that much!”.


However, there is an allegiance to this style of carrying for protection. To wear the firearm in front,  the belt buckle ideally has to be moved to the left or right to free the space in the center for their firearms and occasionally a magazine or two.


Now we noticed that most of these guys tend to be on the thin side and there’s really not much real estate up from. The buckle is still large and intrusive even sitting to the side. That’s when the aha moment came: Lets shrink the buckle down to the smallest we can make it. Making the buckle smaller will free up more room so there’s less binding at the waistline when you’re bending at the waist or sitting.

You can wear the belt in front or to the side but what we found was that you can wear the buckle all the way to the left behind your back where your kidneys are – leaving the whole front area free. Our testers felt this was the preferred way because they didn’t feel the buckle at all.


The buckle may be small but it is still strong. We have a new trigger with a push button for an easy quick release. We still included set screws to make sure no slippage of the strap from the clasp. It’s still as reliable as our other EDC belts. It just has a more purposeful function.

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