Dressing your best when you carry

Guys, there are times we have to dress our best and that means throwing on that suit and tie or a sports jacket. It tends to be a rarer thing these days with the changing fashion sense, but for some, with their chosen professions, they have to dress their best every day: Lawyers, doctors, corporate executives, certain law enforcement officers and of course body-guards.

The problem though is the gun belts we’ve seen tend to look great on a pair of jeans but when you attempt to wear it with a suit, chances are it won’t fit through the belt loop or if it does, it just doesn’t look right. It’s like wearing white sneakers with a suit. It more than stands out, it screams out “I’M PACKIN’!!”. And, if you want to be concealed, well my friend, you’ve been outed by your belt.

For the gentleman who still wants to look polished, the next option is to use a regular belt which is flimsy. We have friends who are police officers and when they attend court they sheepishly admit they use their regular dress belts because they have no other choices. They would make the belt extra tight to hopefully stop the belt from flopping from the weight of the gun – which just leads to a very uncomfortable pressure around your waist. They deal with it because they have to do it only a few times a month. But why take that risk when your life and others could be on the line?

That is why we designed the Bond Series of EDC belts. People were compromising their comfort, looks and safety in their desire to protect themselves. At Nexbelt, we don’t believe in compromises. We believe you can have the best of all worlds – high fashion looks with the comfortability that only we can offer with our ratchet system belts. Not to mention the discreetness our belts offer by blending in effortlessly with your wardrobe. Remember, surprise is a great ally!

Arthur Grant of Packin’ Fur Defense based in Orange County California sells our line of belts and works with police officers and high-end clients in helping them to use the correct equipment based on their needs. And he had this to say of our dress belts. “I work with many high-end clients in Orange County and they have to dress nice for work. The thing I love about your dress gun belts is the fact that it goes with an Armani suit.” High praise indeed!

A customer who bought the Bond Black summed it pretty succinctly in a review recently, “this is a legit gun belt and fashionable!”

So, whether you’re going to church or that board room meeting or if your job is to protect others while dressing in your finest – know that Nexbelt offers the looks, reliability and comfort that you deserve.